Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magic Moment Monday: Kellie’s dance for love

Dance is far more than a sport. It’s more than strength and stamina and balance and technique and work and more work and sacrifice and competition. Dance is expression. It’s art.

A dancer can have perfect technique, perfect choreography, perfect lines … and still not truly touch her audience. In order to touch, you have to be touched. In order to truly love what you’re doing, you have to truly love who are and why you’re doing it. In order to have others truly love what you’re doing, you have to love it first, and love it deeply.

Kellie Pickler’s dance on Monday night’s DWTS as her husband sang a song he wrote to her was a truly Magical dance. You can see her feel the song, the emotions, the movement, the dance.

Making the viewer, or the reader, truly see and feel the emotion… that’s true art.

And then we get the added emotion of that sweet kiss at the end, where she had to be called away from him because she was so lost in the moment.

That’s true romance.

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