Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 and counting…

©LKHunsaker.comIt’s not the size that matters; it’s the way you pull it out, stretch it and push it back, the way you bring it to life with gentle caresses and strong strokes and plenty of discipline. It’s all in the handling of the thing until it’s fulfilled to your best ability.

The novel, I mean, the one you write because it’s Nanowrimo month, that glorious, intoxicating, addicting, frustrating quest to bring a new life into fruition.

As any new life, your new novel will need plenty of coddling, coercing, molding, and patience to take it from the fast outpour of full-on creativity to its adulthood, that being you made out of passion from thin air, so it seems, and got ready to share with others, to send it out to the world to see where it might go, what it might achieve.

But for this month, what comes next doesn’t matter. What morning brings is besides the point.

The process of doing it, of purging your insides onto paper, is not about anyone else. It’s about yourself. It’s for your enjoyment, for your pleasure, even for your frustration and hair-pulling and fist-pounding.

It’s because you can. And you d**mned well will, too.

It’s because the pulsating, throbbing, unending need is inside begging to be let out and full satisfaction only comes with going all the way to that culmination … The End.

Sorry, Delaney and Eli have stolen my daily thoughts. 24,697 words into the push and things are heating up fast. It looks like a full first draft of a book I plan to call Shadowed Lights will come to life this month. There’s far more coaxing, worrying, pleading, and plenty of hair-pulling, heart-pounding struggle left to come, both for author and characters, but it will come. That glorious culmination.

I’m doing a few sneak previews of the first draft over at Facebook, but since I did a @NanoWordSprints 10 minute session on Twitter today and they asked for my favorite line of what I wrote, here it is:

She was over thirty and could d**n well do what she wanted with him.
(The stars are for social media only, not in the book.)

Take from that what you will.

Back to playing word passion… or Nanowrimo. Are you playing? Let me know how you’re doing.


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