Saturday, November 2, 2013

On to the next…

InspirationCoverThe lighthouse in this photo is implied. Actually, this is the deck of the lighthouse at Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, the setting of the next Ella M. Kaye novel.

I did title it last night, but I’m keeping the title to myself for now. The photo I used for this temporary cover was found on Pinterest, photographer unknown, and it’s on the board I set up while thinking about the story. A story board, if you will – images that will not only inspire me as I write, but will let the reader know the vague story line.

The story line is still vague to me, as well. I have my characters and the setting and basically where they will end up. The rest remains to be seen, uh, written.

That will happen this month during Nanowrimo (click link to go to my page). On Day 1, I wrote the first 2,220 words of the story. My aim is to again get a full first draft by the end of November. This is the second of the dancers in lighthouse settings book: spicy romance, but not erotica.

A short introduction to the characters (or what I know so far): 

Delaney: a New Jersey girl, protector of sea life, self-taught dancer who won’t let anyone see her dance
Eli: a small town Indiana boy, construction worker, in NJ helping with Sandy cleanup, except Eli does not like water

Yes, that’s the whole basic concept. The fun is in seeing where it will go from there!

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