Sunday, November 2, 2014

Getting Fresh

My books, that is. Getting fresh new shiny covers.

Want to see them? Of course you want to see them! Why else would you be here? (You’ll have to forgive me for the sappy start to this post: time change and age and all takes its toll.)


So they’re only partly new. I couldn’t let go of my couples and their settings fully. I like them much better this way and I hope readers will, as well.

Appearance does matter. More than size. Or … well, maybe they equally matter.

Pier Lights and Shadowed Lights are both short novels. Pieces of Light is a novella, only 100 pages, and that’s 100 mass market sized pages. Don’t let the small size fool you, though. There’s plenty of punched packed inside those few pages. Many small things are very effective and often more powerful than large sized … um, books. It’s all in how you use it.

To announce the new covers, I’ve made Pieces of Light only $0.99 at Smashwords for a short time. You do have to use coupon code VT93E to get the 34% off regular price of $1.49, and it expires on November 14th, so don’t delay! It’s well worth your 99 cents and your bit of reading time if you love romantic stories with real characters and real-life situations and settings in contemporary times.

This series is also coming in print! They will only be available through Elucidate Publishing via direct order. They are mass market sized books, but they are not mass market printed. At least, not of yet.

Along with all of the other freshness going around, will soon have a bright and shiny new website to accompany this blog.

~~ ~~ ~~
In other news, the first Artists & Cottages book is well underway and the second is coming into being during Nanowrimo 2014 this month. I got a good start on it yesterday and my heroine is already in quite the predicament.

Here’s the Pinterest board for the first book.
And Here is the second.

I already have thoughts for the fourth Dancers & Lighthouses novel, as well as for a first in a new series. Better get off here and get writing!

Happy November to everyone!


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