Sunday, March 2, 2014

Read An Ebook Week


READ! an Ebook week

Have an Ereader, laptop, pad of some sort?
Looking for great bargains to load books on it?

This is Read an Ebook Week and you’ll find great bargains over at

Pier Lights by Ella M. Kaye… Including PIER LIGHTS. This week only and only at Smashwords, Pier Lights is absolutely FREE with coupon code RW100. No need to remember – it’s listed on the book page, just be sure to enter it at checkout.

Please consider leaving a review if you take advantage of this promotion, at SW, Goodreads, &/or whatever book site you enjoy.

Pier Lights is adult fiction, spicy romance, non-erotic. My guess is you’ll love Caroline and Dio enough to consider also checking out Delaney and Eli in Shadowed Lights. (This is not a series but they are both set in Lighthouse locations and feature dancers.)

CLICK on the book cover to find it.

ALSO, check out the music used in the novel:

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