Friday, March 6, 2015

Grammar Nerds Unite!

Did you know there was a National Grammar Day? I’m betting most people don’t. It was March 4th, and yes, I missed posting in time, but that happens during book release days. Your mind gets addled with details about what you haven’t done yet that you were supposed to do a month ago.

Anyway, a bit of a secret: I’m a Grammar Nerd.

Another bit of a secret: Francis of Shadows of Greens & Memories is a huge Grammar Nerd. I actually make a bit of fun of myself through her in this book. Hey, someone will always laugh at you, so you might as well do it yourself.

According to grammar-check by, “You may drive your friends and family nuts, but you would make Strunk and White proud. You love enforcing rules just about as much as you love the rules themselves. For you, grammar truly is one of life's greatest joys.”

Yes, I’ve been known to drive my family nuts with grammar correction, although I tend to leave my friends alone.

How about you? Take the quiz and see how you come out:

Grammarly Grammar Nerd Quiz Feature Image

How grammar geeky are you? How much does it really matter?

Leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner to receive Shadows of Greens & Memories in your choice of ebook format.


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