Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Ways To Show Someone You Love Them


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Since I'm releasing my 7th novel this week (finally, after five years from the last one), I'm making lists of the ways Isabel and James, from The Texture of Glass, show each other love. Neither consider themselves easy to love. Neither is particularly looking for love, or even to date again yet. The odds are against it working. At all. Still, they hang in, because of these things.


1) She doesn't have him arrested for stalking, although he might have that coming.

2) She forgives him for occasionally talking before he finishes chewing.

3) When he gets revved up so much his chatter is exhausting her, she simply tells him he's exhausting her and doesn't make it a big deal.

4) She gives him space to decide when he's ready to open up more, without pushing.

5) When she gets offended at something he says, she holds her tongue and walks away to cool off, then listens when he apologizes and understands he is actually sorry.

6) She encourages him to not give up on himself or his music.

7) She buys a small coffeepot for her apartment for him, even though she can't stand coffee.

8) She refuses to give up on him through everyone saying maybe she should.


1) He sees past her defensive charade and makes it a mission to get her to see herself the way he does.

2) He decides to spend his time helping her only because she deserves the help.

3) He constantly encourages her.

4) He's honest when he doesn't like some of her work but says so respectfully.

5) He listens to what she says rather than inferring what she means through his own thoughts.

6) When she gets mad and walk away, he considers what he did wrong and understands why she walked away.

7) When she stays over at his place with no supplies since it was unplanned, he runs out first thing to get her a toothbrush and a few other things he knows she likes because he paid attention.

8) He would rather have her leave him than to hurt her, no matter how much he doesn't want her to go.

The Texture of Glass (book info)

Ella M. Kaye

Isabel, a struggling songwriter, is ready to quit doing shows, especially when a creepy guy steps in front of her and stares while she sings. James is a recovering alcoholic ready to give up again, until he is drawn into a a shy little songbird singing deep lyrics, and can't resist her pull. Presque Isle, Greenville, & Pittsburgh PA are featured in the first of the Songwriters & Cities series.

February 2022 from Elucidate Publishing

All Ella M. Kaye books are stand-alone that can be read separately or in any order. The are grouped into series by art form and setting, with some minor character intermingling among the different series.


  1. Oooh, I hadn't thought about answering this one from the perspective of my characters. Also, now I really like your protagonists.

    1. Thank you! I've also done character interviews of previous novels. It's a fun way to introduce people to them.

  2. I really like doing this post about your characters. Great idea.

  3. Very creative take - from a character's perspective - and all sound pretty good for real life too. Best wishes in your writing projects. My post is finally up!

  4. Thank you, Lyn. I dropped by. :)